Fair Fashion

As an activist for a more ethical fashion industry, I organize workshops & talks on the subjects: green & fair fashion, alternatives to overconsumption, second-hand fashion and diversity & representativity in the fashion media. I also provide image consultancy, styling and creative direction services specific for sustainable fashion labels.

Since my Master’s degree at London College of Fashion in 2011, I’ve been researching the green fashion industry deeply, at the time I developed a fanzine exposing work exploitation in the fashion industry for my final project.

In recent years this passion and activism became fundamental in my life, and in 2017 I started collaborating for the project Green Fashion Tours in Berlin, part of the non-profit organisation Future Fashion Forward. There I started building a network with sustainable fashion labels, and advocates of the Fashion Revolution movement.

Currently, I also work for the Berliner Stadmission, sorting second-hand clothes for their social projects and charity shops.

Subversive Styling Upcycling Workshop at Empower Festival

Subversive Styling Upcycling Workshop at Empower Festival